Our Y-kids hub is all about prevention, as the saying goes "it is better to stop something bad from happening than it is to deal with it".

Children need a strong root system to develop their beautiful minds and bodies and the Y-kids hub will facilitate and support every effort into developing the right tools.


Visual Healing is of utmost importance to us as there is a shift towards creating welcoming spaces that provides both, emotional and functional support. The Y-kids hub is that Environment!

Whats up in the Hub:


(this is what we envisage for our centre)


Meditation room:

This will be a relaxation room to get in touch with your subconscious and to re-connect with your inner self. 


Music/ Dance and Recording Studio: 

Let your creative juices flow; explore the wide range of different instruments on offer and have a boogie with our awesome sound system. 


Appreciation room:

Children will come here to appreciate and show gratitude. Thus developing heightened happiness.


Hot spring/swimming pool:

Scientists in Japan have shown the positive impacts 'onsen' (hot springs) can have on human health since the early 18th century.


Fun room:

Bean bags, couches, slides, toys, you name it, this will be a room where we all can have fun letting our inner child come to play.


Veggie garden/Kitchen:

Home grown veggies and fruits all maintained by the children, whilst learning the back to basics method . Once the produce is ready to eat we combine the produce into healthy foods, all cooked in our kitchen.