The generation of children now and those who are coming through are very different to the previous ones.

They are coming here with higher emotional and spiritual intelligence. They feel deeply about what goes on around them and resonate on a higher vibrational frequency– life therefore confuses most of them because there is a total imbalance of what they are being taught versus what is happening and how we treat each other and our planet. The children feel the pressure of all the grief and pain and all that’s wrong in the world and has been for too long. This emotional intensity can results in so called ‘mental illness’ and too often ends in suicide.

Things simply don’t make any sense anymore and being driven by fear we resort to destruction of our surroundings and ourselves! 

According to an article in the Huffpost from April 2017 more Australian teenagers are in severe psychological distress than five years ago despite growing awareness and initiatives aimed at tackling mental illness, a new report shows. The alarming statistics, released in a report by Mission Australia, show almost a quarter of teens surveyed meet the criteria for probable serious mental illness, with girls twice as likely as boys to be affected.

Experts agree that it’s a major problem – and that it’s getting worse.

The fact that mental illness is still on the rise shows that current intervention programs might not be enough; Mission Australia, the Black Dog Institute and many organisations and people, especially the young ones agree.

We believe that children carry all the wisdom and knowledge inside themselves.
In order to achieve their full potential they need love and attention and a positive environment where there is room for unleashing their true SELF.

To bring this movement to life, we need a Centre, an awe inspiring hub that allows for creativity, exploration and play…a space filled with colour, laughter and fun…a space to simply BE, a home away from home and the Y-kids hub will offer the support the children so desperately need.